Papers of Interest 

Gene therapy rising?
Gene therapy cursed or inching towards credibility
          Gene therapy of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency by use of a pseudotyped gammaretroviral vector
          Efficacy of gene therapy for SCID is being confirmed
          Development of Novel Technology of DDS for Gene Therapy
          Tumor cells as cellular vehicles to deliver gene therapies to metastatic tumors

          Gene Therapy Progress and Prospects. Downregulating gene expression: the impact of RNA interference

          Clinical review: RNA interference
          Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes in Breast Cancer: Potential Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

          Challenges and Strategies: The Immune Responses in GeneTherapy

          Prospects for gene therapy of haemophilia
          Antiangiogenic gene therapy of cancer: recent developments

          Epigenetics in human disease and prospects for epigenetic therapy

          Development of gene therapy to target pancreatic cancer

          Identification and Characterization of Novel Human Glioma - Specific Peptides to Potentiate Tumor-Specific Gene Delivery

Gene therapy clinical trials worldwide 1989-2004 - an overview


SCID trials to resume

Articles regarding gene transfer from a special edition of Bioforum (in German)
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State of the art production of retroviral vectors state of the art.pdf
A toolbox for retrovectorologists toolbox.pdf
A paper describing the mechanisms of insertional mutagenesis insertionalmutagenesis2.pdf
A paper discussing the successes and setbacks of gene therapy future of gene therapy.pdf
A paper discussing insertional mutagenesis in gene therapy protocols insertionalmutagenesis.pdf 
A paper reporting the efficient targeting of a retroviral vector to cancer cells envtargeting.pdf 
A paper discussing the immune response against liver cells infected with a retroviral vector  immuneresponse.pdf 
A paper describing the current status of gene therapy for pancreatic cancer gene therapy for pancreatic cancer.pdf
An article summarising the topics of discussion held at the 2003 ESGT 
(Gene Therapy - Cornerstone of modern medicine in the new millennium?)
A paper discussing gene therapy of the hematopoietic system genetherapyhaemosystem.pdf