The Austrian Network for Gene Therapy

The ANGT is a multidiscipliniary working group aimed at bringing together scientists,
clinicians and industry active in the field of gene therapy.

Primarily this network will focus on activities in Austria, but will of course try to include
and liase with similar activities taking place elsewhere in Europe and the World.

The ANGT will act as a focal point for the public display of information on gene therapy trials,
pre-clinical and laboratory work, legislation and results.

It will also be actively involved in shaping the future of Gene Therapy in Austria and Europe
by getting involved in public and governmental discussions  on the topic, holding international
meetings and workshops, and acting as a database for ongoing trials, trial results and pre-clinical work.

An important aspect will be to promote debate on the ethical implications of our work
and to implement clear, ethical guidelines for future gene therapy trials in Austria.

There will be a possibility for interested members to place a brief abstract of their work on the net,
allowing others world-wide to make contact and establish collaborations.

This will be of use also in the establishment of new consortia for EU funding applications.